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Since 2018

Rbye Rfal Company

Telecom Infrastructure Provider

It gives us great desire to introduce you to the young dynamic journey of RRC. We focus on in-depth review of our company, reflecting the pride 50+ employees take in our ongoing growth and ascending success. Rbye Rfal Company, has been involved with the Telecom Industry in Saudi Arabia since 2018.

  • Rbye Rfal Company (RRC) is registered under the laws of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • RRC is spread over MENA & South Asia Region with head offices located at Riyadh (KSA) & Islamabad (Pakistan).
  • With revenue of SAR 10+ Million and currently has ongoing projects.
  • RRC has been awarded and esteemed by Nokia Global as a top-quality implementer in the Telecom Industry.

Provide Unique
& Quality Service

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RRC Core Values

Driving Excellence, Empowering Innovation, Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Enhance & Enrich customer experience, through state of art Customer service and communication channel generating optimism, confidence, hope and trust. we engage customers effectively through bottlenecks, touchpoint, gray-area as an essential step in positive customer journey.

We enhance all modes of communication and Local content channels as “Top Quality” to the great satisfaction of our customers.

Growing Infrastructure, booming modern technologies in modernization, especially in a country with more than 50% of youth population, we aim to expand customer base, Developing greater optimal, economical and robust Network.

We strive for an positive engaging story. Being transparent & loyal to customers and eventual partners to honour resonant brand story .

Quality is forefront in our delivery & to our brand reputation and building the trust of our customers, capability to encash customer trust, confidence, into win-win profitability business.

We learn lessons from our success stories & projects leading to cost optimization and hence to put an outstanding value and a superior customer service Excellence.

We practise data analytics to gain more insights on the Customer requirements and fine tune with latest Visuals such as Dash Boards (synching with structured and unstructured Data)

We practice Agile delivery model in addition to SWOT analysis as our tool to analyse & identify ours and customers requirement Critically as USP (Unique Selling Point) for every client based on his business Model.
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